Sunday, November 4, 2012

Game Frame rate per second With Geforce 210 Part 2

default Graphics image
Tested Computer:
Intel Pentium Dual core e2210 2.20 GHZ
Nvidia geforce 210 1 GB DDR3
Hard Disk Space 70 GB

Gta San andreas

Settings:Medium to High.Full Draw distance Frame Limiter OFF
Results:playable,try to lower draw distance and turn off frame limiter to get better FPS

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Sorry for the pic I forgot to screenshot it

Results:Playable I Try medium settings because not much different with Low settings

Pes 2011

Settings:Low settings
Results=For me It's not Playable.At 0-20 mins it get 60 Fps,but after that it drops to 40 Fps(LAG).I don't know why this happen?

For part 1 Click here

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