Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thanks For the 1500th Views

Actually,when i opened my blog and reach 1500 views i fell proud of my blog,like when you see other blog which have more views and more comments,my blog like a small creatures.whatever at least i not really counting on my blog in my first post,i hope my blog can reach 2000 views in march,MARCH

 Facts of my blog and me
1.One of  popular post in my blog is Left 4 dead,which this is my first post,and also my favorite game in my computer
2.I spend 0 money to run this blog (lol not really fact)
3.I have a bad speed upload so to upload 50 mb files i need 30 minutes
4.I have a dream to upload Big Size Game

Thanks For reading and sorry for my bad english

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